Knocked Up

Director: Judd Apatow
Year Released: 2006
Rating: 2.0

Ludicrously fortunate pothead Seth Rogan manages to get in the pants of the ludicrously pretty Katherine Heigl (ah, the wonders of alcohol), but that single union leads to her pregnancy ... and she wants to keep it (without wanting to keep it, there's no movie). Though the dialogue is snappy (Apatow has an ear for quality one-liners), there's a disturbing undercurrent at play here that not many seem aware of - mostly that the prevailing message is that, despite almost irreconcilable differences, any man and woman can 'get along' just to raise a child - the entire movie shows just how different they are (Heigl and Rogan don't have much chemistry together), only to have Rogan committing to change and Heigl willingly accepting what's been handed to her. Paul Rudd's performance as Heigl's brother-in-law is excellent - he's a combination of pathetic and loyal - though the picture's not entirely sure what it thinks of him. This isn't to suggest it isn't a little observant - there's a wonderful sequence that juxtaposes Rudd and Rogan's going to Vegas and doing drugs and Leslie Mann and a pregnant Heigl trying to get into a club that speaks volumes about the double standards of aging according to gender.