The Simpsons Movie

Director: David Silverman
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 2.5

Long-awaited movie of the landmark TV show is serviceable without being amazing - Matt Groening et. al. will never cut to the core like, say, Matt Stone and Trey Parker managed to with their South Park movie. A lot of the best moments of this 80-minute episode are based on how much knowledge you have of the show - being a fan, I recognized every in-joke and running gag - but those that never bothered with the program might be clueless - also, the ending is rather ho-hum, with Homer coming to the realization (for the umpteenth time) about not being selfish, doing what's right for the community, etc. It is fitting, however, that arguably the best line of the movie belongs to Ralph Wiggum after seeing Bart fly by him naked on a skateboard (oh, Ralph...).