Regular Lovers

Director: Philippe Garrel
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 2.5

A poet (Louis Garrel) and a sculptor (Clotilde Hesme) meet up during politically unstable France in the late 60's, but the relationship - during that time of free love and plentiful drugs - appears doomed from the start. The three-hour running time isn't a problem considering it's a mood piece that needs to be 'settled into,' but the real hard time is in watching these wanna-be revolutionaries huddled up in small rooms, smoking opium and staring off into the distance: they don't work, they come from money, and the impression is that their 'rioting' is simply a hip thing to do. Still, despite this, their malaise does appear to be universal - there are plenty of twentysomethings sitting around in a haze, wondering why their boyfriends/girlfriends either left them or are so hard to keep. The ending, no matter how you cut it, is kind of cheap, as is the Bertolucci dig.