Alpha Dog

Director: Nick Cassavetes
Year Released: 2006
Rating: 0.0

Obnoxious train wreck - like Spun and Bully - that hides behind the weak morality of how parents aren't disciplining their kids any more, as two quite young druggies do battle and the one druggie's brother gets shot to hell. Sorry, but you can't spend ¾ of a movie making heavy drug use, violent music, bad grammar, casual sex, asocial behavior and general moral bankruptcy stylish only to flip gears right the very end to avoid steering directly into nihilism. It's also particularly grating to see and hear real-life privileged young actors say 'fuck' every three words and act like they're white trash gangsters: please, no one's buying it. Justin Timberlake better hope his voice can last several decades, because as an actor he's highly suspect. Memo to Ben Foster: you are not Brando. Stop it.