Hot Fuzz

Director: Edgar Wright
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 2.0

Supercop Simon Pegg gets sent from London to a small English town because his proficiency is making the rest of the force look bad, but it turns out this small town has a few disturbing problems of its own. Like in Shawn of the Dead, it starts off well, with some clever running gags and comical over-direction (a Wright trademark), but these effects and such become tiresome after a spell: once the picture starts citing close to five different action movies simultaneously (including High Plains Drifter, Bad Boys II, Point Break, Commando and countless more) and blowing up everything in sight, the raging stimuli caused me to check out. Pegg and Nick Frost are as fine a comical tandem as any out there - and one of my favorite character actors, Paddy Considine, is hilarious as one of Pegg's chief antagonists - but this sort of thing doesn't need to run over ninety minutes.