Fast Food Nation

Director: Richard Linklater
Year Released: 2006
Rating: 1.5

This mostly obvious condemnation of our get-it-quick-and-cheap society was actually done in 'reverse' - it started as a polemic (Eric Schlosser's book) and then became a 'fictionalized' movie, complete with top-notch Hollywood actors to dramatize the process in which our tainted food ends up in our stomachs. The movie, then, exists as a vehicle to convey the book's research, but mostly wants to hammer home points about the feces in the food (just count the number of times 'shit' is uttered) and the illegal workers in the meat plant who get mistreated (one loses a leg in the vat). Like it or not, documentaries like The Corporation and (to a much smaller extent) Super Size Me addressed the same issues - The Corporation more intelligently than attention-seeking Morgan Spurlock - so this is coming in a little late, without adding much to the discussion.