Director: Mennan Yapo
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 0.0

Lame-brained drama with a sci-fi slant involving the womanly intuition of Sandra Bullock and how she can foresee the death of her cheating husband but appears unable to do much about it. Though I like the idea of how we have to accept fate even if you realize it's inevitable, the path to that ultimate point is rocky and moronic (the crash scene made me laugh out loud in the relatively empty theater - to quote Bill Murray, 'don't drive angry'), with a script so muddled all I kept thinking about was how, if I were Bullock's on-screen hubbie Julian McMahon, I could pass up relations with the svelte Amber Valletta. Sandra Bullock has some of the worst script sense in the business - she could use a little of that telepathic mojo.