Director: Zack Snyder
Year Released: 2006
Rating: 0.0

Good old modern day saber rattling thinly disguised as classic epic with extensive CGI - our 'heroes' the light-skinned, 'heterosexual' Spartans go fight against great odds with dark-skinned, 'bi-sexual'/'androgynous' Persians in quest to prove that "freedom isn't free." The monochromatic color palette is admittedly unique - as it was with another Frank Miller adaptation, Sin City - but the film is ideologically repulsive and monotonous: there's no dramatic impact to their presumed suicide mission, and the body count reaches such a critical mass boredom sets in (plus, for all the blood shed, there is little gore on screen - the plasma 'vaporizes' on its way from the throats and torsos to the ground). Also terrible: the soundtrack, which mixes in metal riffs with chanting.