All Things Fair

Director: Bo Widerberg
Year Released: 1995
Rating: 2.0

A teenage student (Johan, the director's son) seduces (or is seduced by?) his English teacher in one of these standard coming-of-age-amidst-War-and-terror movies the Europeans seem so fond of making - at least, in this particular picture when the cuckold finds out about his wife's philandering, he seems more pitiable than outwardly hostile. If not necessarily unpleasant, it's predictable and somewhat humdrum - the third piece to the love triangle, a fresh-faced teenage girl who's in a gigantic hurry to get rid of her virginity, is rather ineffectually 'tacked on' near the end. It is somewhat alarming to see the relationship between an adult and teen handled without moral indignation - here in the the Hysterical States of America, teachers are reprimanded for simply 'looking' at students inappropriately.