The Killer Elite

Director: Sam Peckinpah
Year Released: 1975
Rating: 1.0

Super assassin James Caan gets double-crossed and shot to hell by good buddy Robert Duvall - by extension, if you can't trust your bestest friend in the whole world, why on Earth should you trust the government? This is basically standard issue Mack Bolan-type tomfoolery, with an unintelligible script, lots of shootouts and guys acting like Badasses (women: leave the room when they're talking to one another) - even though Caan is technically rendered a cripple by massive damage to both his elbow and knee, he still masters the martial arts and is able to go about his killing business (in other words, personal willpower is a greater healing force than medicine). Reaches a new low (for the movie and Peckinpah himself) when actual ninjas appear, complete with matching grey attire and katanas. I wish I was joking.