Good Morning, Night

Director: Marco Bellocchio
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 3.5

Chilling examination of the 1978 kidnapping and murder of Italian politician Aldo Moro by a group of Marxist radicals called the Red Brigades and the mounting guilt in one of its members, a taciturn female librarian (Maya Sansa). Bellocchio does a fine job of humanizing all the characters and building sympathy for Moro without resorting to histrionics - it's certainly one of the most somber films about kidnapping I can recall. The blend of stock footage and modern footage is quite good, as are the performances - especially Roberto Herlitzka as Moro, keeping a firm hold on his dignity despite realizing he's doomed (making the faux-ending, with Moro walking away from the apartment, all the more poetic).