God's Angry Man

Director: Werner Herzog
Year Released: 1980
Rating: 3.0

Herzog's taste for eccentrics - and to find the 'human' within - led him to Dr. Gene Scott, "TV Bible Preacher," who graduated from Stanford with a Ph.D. (!) but whose "public face" is that of a money-hungry, easily enraged Warrior of God. The director elicits colorful, personal responses from Scott - about what he dreams, what he owns, his thoughts on the FCC (hint: he's not a fan) - and does take him seriously - it would have been easily to act condescending towards someone of Scott's ilk, but Herzog finds fascination in extremism, and it shows (Timothy Treadwell, Dr. Graham Dorrington, Dieter Dengler and Walter Steiner - to name but four Herzog subjects - are kindred spirits).