Story of Ricky

Director: Ngai Kai Lam
Year Released: 1991
Rating: 2.5

Hilariously bloody martial arts movie-to-end-all-martial-arts-movies - the question isn't how awful it is (because it is, in every way, "awful" - quotation marks mandatory), but whether or not the filmmakers were aware of how awful it is. I laughed harder at this than most comedies I've already seen this year (and those pictures were trying to be funny) - how else can you react to such egregiously bad filmmaking: fake organs get pulled out to choke main hero Ricky, arms get punched off, bodies explode and extremely fake-looking prosthetic heads get creatively mangled or removed. It's like a live action Fist of the North Star, sans artistry or CGI - crazy, stupid trash for a night where nothing else satisfies. And for the life of me, I can't form a proper rating (for web site purposes, I'll leave it at 2.0) - it isn't a "movie," it's a exhibit in a Museum for Oddities and Supremely Guilty Pleasures.