Killer Condom

Director: Martin Walz
Year Released: 1996
Rating: 2.0

Super hardboiled detective (trench coat! cigarettes! 7 o'clock shadow! sunglasses!) investigates a rash of incidents at a quickie motel in Manhattan in which various hetero-and-homosexual males keep losing their genitals. Based on the comic by Ralf König, it at least has the wherewithal to follow along with its completely insane idea, all the way down to its tacky conclusion (I knew there was a message pertaining to morality in there somewhere). I suppose you have to humor a movie with such a come-up-and-get-this title and premise and though the twisted side of me found the transgressive material to be a mild kick, I also concede that its one-joke premise wears thin way before the end credits roll. But hey, if you can't find a smidge of humor in a stocky member of the NYPD and his young trick walking off into the concrete sunset together, well, what are you doing watching a movie called Killer Condom for anyway?