Jackass Number Two

Director: Jeff Tremaine
Year Released: 2006
Rating: 3.5

Easily the year's most audacious (and maybe even experimental) film - and one that ascribes to the theory that art is no place for good taste - this sequel to the original 'documentary' (which I compared to the Mondo movies) manages to actually 'one-up' the first with material so outrageous (and hilarious) I'm still puzzled as to how it didn't receive an NC-17 rating (oh yeah: the MPAA drew the line at drinking horse semen). Going through and recounting the greatest hits ruins the fun, and the point still stands that this is a real-life Fight Club ... if not Frat Club, only where the latent homosexuality isn't latent anymore - the outfit is fully aware of their queer content, going so far as to change the "Dickhouse" logo to accompany this revelation, not to mention the cameos by John Waters and Rip Taylor. The ending is exceptionally clever, too, drifting into Busby Berkeley/Buster Keaton territory (plus gratuitous destruction). Personal tolerance for this kind of grotesquery varies, and like a Baz Luhrmann film I could only deal with so much - numbness sets in after a bit - but for the most part, it's a raucous and unapologetic thunderstorm. Pain is temporary, friends can be your worst enemies, anacondas bite hard but chicks dig scars. It's the Church of Johnny Knoxville. Amen.