Phantom of the Paradise

Director: Brian De Palma
Year Released: 1974
Rating: 1.5

Glossy, sarcastic take on Phantom of the Opera about a musical prodigy mistreated by soulless big-wig (Paul Williams) who haunts the concert hall they're performing his works in. This features De Palma in Silly Mode - not exactly his most effective state - and the level of camp is almost as high as it is in The Apple which will either turn you on or off, depending on your taste for overacting and ridiculous dialogue. The actual concert scenes remind me a lot of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (which bears a release date of 1975); the film itself is probably only of interest to De Palma Disciples, who always find the best in his work. Ah, if only I could find such followers ... maybe I need to work on my brainwashing skills or spike the Kool-Aid in my fridge or sign a deal with the Devil for Talent or something.