Cemetary Man

Director: Michele Soavi
Year Released: 1994
Rating: 3.0

Downtrodden crypt keeper (Rupert Everett) and his idiot assistant (who looks like Pruitt Taylor Vince on a carbohydrate binge) 're-kill' the dead after they come back to life, but the loss of a love (Anna Falchi) starts Everett down the well-worn path of insanity. Combining comedy and grotesque horror doesn't always work (Peter Jackson's Dead/Alive was a wonderful exception), but I think there's a fair balance of both in this - before it gets to the really bleak third act (with its nihilistic ending), it contains such off-the-wall moments as: a zombified Boy Scout troupe getting blown to bits, a Lovecraftian sexual encounter between Everett and Falchi in a room full of skeletons (in real life, the infinite wonders of Falchi's doctor-crafted body - be it dead or alive - are lost on Mr. Everett, I'm afraid) and the gravedigger serenading the severed head of a teenage girl.