Director: Lukas Moodysson
Year Released: 2006
Rating: 2.0

Wildly experimental film from Moodysson shot in black and white - most of which consists of a large man and an Asian woman scampering around Chernobyl and Sweden - and featuring voice over by a whispering Jena Malone. I don't know what's gone on in Moodysson's head since Show Me Love, but he's taken an odd path in his filmmaking - I guess you could say it's gutsy, since I'm betting the vast majority of people who see this (like Korine's Gummo) are bound to detest it. My feelings are mixed: I like the technique and randomness (and Malone's quasi-poetic thoughts are at times quite funny - especially when she conveys the thinking pattern of a teenage girl), and it's a little spooky, like Moodysson's photographing the end of the world (hence the Chernobyl footage), but it also wears exceedingly thin at over 70 minutes, well after the point has been made clear.