Director: Eli Roth
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 1.5

Hedonistic American know-it-alls go on the immortal quest for young pussy in the hostels of Europe but get lured into an underground murder-for-cash organization in Slovakia. I'd really object to the ideological ugliness of Roth's presumed worldview if he wasn't just another Merry Prankster - he could care less about 'deeper statements,' devoting 99% of his attention on getting Takashi Miike (a major source of inspiration) to fly in for a cameo, showing as many breasts as he can (hooray for boobs!) and covering everything with buckets of blood. It's intended to be gory fun for the politically incorrect - at least it knows its audience - but I only 'got into it' near the end, which I found to be kinda amusing in the darkest way possible (the street kids who work for gum, the Asian girl with her eye dangling ... and Suicide Club death, the giddy American with the blowtorch, etc.).