Modesty Blaise

Director: Joseph Losey
Year Released: 1966
Rating: 0.5

The British commission female super spy (Monica Vitti) and her knife-tossing sidekick (Terence Stamp) to work for them, but it turns out yacht-owning fashionista Dirk Bogarde wants to interfere, raise havoc, etc. etc. Vitti is horribly miscast - she isn't in the least bit sultry or charming - but Bogarde fits, and he could have worked quite well as an actual Bond villain ("intelligent, refined and ruthless" sounds about right). Still, the attempt to capture the whole 007-vibe fails in the same way it failed with Coburn in Our Man Flint - Bond's always been kind of tongue-in-cheek, so a parody of a parody sounds a bit pointless, don't you think?