The Cardinal

Director: Otto Preminger
Year Released: 1963
Rating: 1.0

Bloated, fatuous story of a young priest's (Tom Tryon) passage towards becoming a Bishop and a Cardinal, all the while getting involved with the major problems of the world (abortion, racism, fascism). I knew something was despotically wrong when the title character sacrificed his sister to save her unborn child - only Catholicism could instill a sense of morality that revolting (it 'justifies' her dispatching by suggesting she's a hussy - the child, on the other hand is 'innocent'). Considering this is Preminger - far and away one of our most overrated auteurs - it's about as subtle as a gatling gun, even drawing parallels between Tyron and Jesus (both lashed to pieces), and indulging in some good ol' Nazi Hating to get the Christian ire up. How a straight male could give up the adorable Romy Schneider for a life of No Sex is absurd - Tryon, inexpressive and unable to carry a picture like this, doesn't provide any clarity.