The Last Wave

Director: Peter Weir
Year Released: 1977
Rating: 2.0

Austere lawyer (Richard Chamberlain) defends a group of aborigines engaged in some kind of 'secret' tribal war but are up on murder charges by 'civilized' society. It begins rather intriguingly, with strange weather occurrences and an air of mystery which is slowly demystified to the point of banality as Chamberlain is revealed to be a white Messiah and the whole thing is predestined to end in destruction. It's very much into the 'voodoo' of the aborigines, who are the 'boogey-men' (like in traditional horror pictures), staring into windows and scaring children and acting spooky and threatening - one-dimensional Richard C., full of good intentions, watches it all through his scholarly glasses, stunned and silent, waiting for everyone to perish.