Wedding Crashers

Director: David Dobkin
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 2.5

One of the American Pie-inspired bawdy comedies with a moral bent - here, two wedding crashers (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn) use the commitments of other men to pick up on their bridesmaids and castoffs for one-night stands ... only realizing, after much soul-searching, that true happiness is sticking with one chick. Vaughn's performance is as memorable as his fast-talking bad boy in Swingers (... or is it the same character?) but Isla Fisher is perfectly cast as his feisty equal - other than those two, the rest of the movie is so-so (formulaic when it had room to shuffle and try something new), cribbing parts of Old School and Meet the Parents along the way. Plus, at over two hours, someone needs to buck up and start editing these comedies down - you know, brevity? Soul of wit? Understand?