The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Director: Judd Apatow
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 3.0

Inexperienced man-child (Steve Carell) is told by his peers (who are, in their own way, just as screwed up as him) that he has to pop his cherry A.S.A.P. - but getting the ladies to comply is a challenge. I have some qualms about the movie's length - what's wrong with the 90-minute comedy, anyway? - but I found it so consistently funny (with enough one-liners to last me a year) and sweet that the over-length is basically a moot point. Apatow had previously worked on the fantastic (and sadly short-lived) TV series Freaks and Geeks, which was also keenly observed and had its own share of bittersweet moments. Paul Rudd is a scene-stealer as a jealous boyfriend, but the rest of the foul-mouthed cast (especially Seth Rogan) also have splendid timing.