Director: Barbara Kopple
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 0.0

Offensive drivel about hip-hop lovin' rich kids and how, because their parents don't pay enough attention to them, decide to hang out with a tattooed street gang - in this case, the Children of the Bourgeoisie are led by Anne Hathaway, who's tired of white boy poseurs and wants to get with a real gangster (played by Freddy Rodriguez). Remember when the message of Traffic (also written by Stephen Gaghan) was that if your white daughter starts doing drugs, the next thing you know she'll be having sex with black men (Oh Lord!)? Well here, replace "dangerous black men" with "dangerous Latinos" (there are no other kinds). Anne Hathaway, looking to shed her innocent image, takes off her top a few times and hangs out with Bijou Phillips: that's got to be the quickest path to becoming 'an adult' in Hollywood.