xXx: State of the Union

Director: Lee Tamahori
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 0.0

Straight out of Compton, this crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube (who, in the past, was member of a gang called Niggaz Wit Attitudes) breaks out of jail (he had a crime record like Charles Manson) to save the President from white-boy terrorists led by Willem Dafoe. Lots of people - including the police - are out to get him, but he goes toe-to-toe with them, driving tanks, flying into the water, blowing up bad-CGI trains and even getting all of his friends from the hood to help out (including Xzibit, who has a history of pimping rides). Of course, Ice Cube is not the most believable action stars, and the smirking machismo is downright annoying - as if the script wasn't bad enough as is, there are also some wink-winks towards the African-American audience about carjacking and black people being butlers for white people ... 'gags' which should be offensive to everyone.