In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

Director: Guy Debord
Year Released: 1978
Rating: 3.5

This poison-pen letter to society by Debord is a continuation of the ideas he presented in Society of the Spectacle, but with further elaboration on his dissatisfaction with the (then) current state of Paris, his problems with the cinema (and 'love' of the cinema) and his views on his influential (and decidedly controversial) career. It's nasty, witty and expectedly unapologetic though it does have an air of desperation to it, suggesting the deep unhappiness of its own creator (he committed suicide in 1994). It's certainly difficult viewing - the soundtrack is mostly philosophical pronouncements and why he uses certain film clips at certain times isn't always immediately clear - but those unhappy with the current state of things might find some of Debord's pronouncements to be invaluable and prophetic.