Geek Maggot Bingo

Director: Nick Zedd
Year Released: 1983
Rating: 0.5

Intentionally awful melding of Dracula, Frankenstein and a few choice Z-grade horror picture into one by 'Cinema of Transgression' 'pioneer' Nick Zedd. I don't know 'exactly' how much talent Zedd has, but I kept thinking while watching this that he's trying so very, very hard to make it as bad as possible, which - for me, at least - takes some of the fun out of it, since the folks he's mimicking (Ed Wood for one) were actually trying to make good movies. I've actually read some of Zedd's autobiographical musings (published by Henry Rollins), and when he talks about the N.Y. underground film scene and figures like Jack Smith he sounds so clear-headed, passionate and intelligent that his features and shorts - like those of John Waters - come across as rather lame jokes: he knows what good cinema is, but chooses to make bad cinema. With so much bad cinema being made by Hollywood and indieville, the only question is: Why?