Fever Pitch

Director: Bobby and Peter Farrelly
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 1.0

Slight, formulaic 'romantic comedy' about the relationship between a teacher (Jimmy Fallon) - who is employed by the least realistic high school I've ever seen - and a workaholic (Drew Barrymore, who only marries rock stars) that reaches a hurdle when Barrymore discovers that Fallon's obsession with the Boston Red Sox is more than a little extreme. Presumably, the film's about her 'breaking' down his extreme passion, but he never changes, exactly, stuck in his adolescent fan-boy stage (a recurring motif for the grossly overrated Nick Hornby) while she has to learn to adjust to the Red Sox devotion (and even turns down a promotion). And oh yeah, the Sox win the Pennant, which is significantly more dramatic than their courtship, even shown in clips (and while I'm thinking of it, who ever thought Jimmy Fallon was leading man material?). The Farrelly Brothers have now officially neutered themselves, taking away any edge from their filmmaking, leaving heaps of fluff behind. They're now safe enough to direct a Hilary Duff movie.