Director: Fatih Akin
Year Released: 2004
Rating: 2.0

A suicidal Turkish floozy (Sibel Kekilli - a former porn star!) convinces an alcoholic punk rocker (Birol Ünel) to marry her - Why? Why the hell not? - only for her to completely ruin his life with her unabashed sexcapades and cocaine frenzy. The two leads are dynamic and the visuals are crisp, but most of this is implausible on any human level, with the characters driven by Akin's ideas rather than the rules of psychology, like for example Kekilli's insanity tapering off to the point where she just becomes another party girl or Ünel's loving affection developing for her when it doesn't feel like it would, could or should. It's passionate and intense, but doesn't have a brain in its stylized head - and since when does anyone die from being hit in the head with (what looks like) an ashtray, especially when others are slicing their wrists with bottles or smashing cars into walls or getting kicked around in alleyways, but remain perfectly alive?