Unfaithfully Yours

Director: Preston Sturges
Year Released: 1948
Rating: 2.0

Overrated trifle about a conductor (Rex Harrison) who is under the impression his wife is cheating on him with his effeminate male secretary - during one of his concerts, he fantasizes one of three outcomes for their relationship: him murdering her with a razor and setting up the male secretary, buying her off or playing Russian roulette. I can handle (for the most part) the hyper-articulate lines given to Harrison's character (he's supposed to be a genius), but the wife is so obviously loving she doesn't come across as much of a suspicious character - when the two of them are embracing and professing their endless love it's as if Sturges reworked Shakespeare's sonnets for them to breathe onto each other faces - and the final third of the film is one endless string of awfully unfunny physical 'comedy.'