Funny Ha Ha

Director: Andrew Bujalski
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 0.0

Sloppy, pretentious 'indie' about those self-absorbed 'post-collegiate' years, embodied by terminally depressed and frankly insufferable Kate Dollenmayer who can't keep a job and surrounds herself with several passive-aggressive males. The dialogue consists of stammering and never really gets anywhere, the story doesn't go anywhere (the film literally stops at some random point, with nothing resolved or improved in any way), I can actually hear the camera's motor on soundtrack (when the soundtrack isn't popping and clicking from poor recording) and, to aggravate matters further, Bujalski cast himself as a repulsive 'love-interest' who drinks too much (he's like Woody Allen except without the effective self-depreciating jokes or wit or ability to make a film). Are these flaws and lack of a plot and random cinema verite moments and 'pity me' downheartedness supposed to represent 'truth?' I hope not.