The Gods Must Be Crazy

Director: Jamie Uys
Year Released: 1981
Rating: 2.0

Periodically charming but mostly juvenile and politically whitewashed film about what happens when a bushman (the late N!xau) - whose only experience with modern life is using Coke bottle that fell out of the sky (actually, the product of littering by a helicopter pilot) to poke holes in the ground - helps a researcher and a blonde woman stop a bunch of terrorists. The Benny Hill-type approach to comedy employed here is overdone and excessive - it only really worked for Benny Hill (if you could even say that; I was a fan of the show as a youngster and would probably object to the old school misogyny today) - and I got sick of watching scene after scene of cars comically driving away from their owners as well as the male lead knocking over everything in sight because of his fear of women. Ignores all of that 'ugly' black versus white racism in South Africa and actually suggests harmony between the races - fantastic P.R., mediocre comedy.