The Man Who Knew Too Much

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Year Released: 1934
Rating: 3.0

One of Hitch's better early efforts - despite his own admission to Truffaut in Hitchcock/Truffaut that it was "the work of an amateur" (while the James Stewart version was "made by a professional") - about a husband and wife who discover a plot to assassinate a political leader and have their daughter kidnapped by the potential assassins. Despite being funnier and more carefree than the 1956 version, it also features some great visual setups by the Master, including the dancing scene where a man's coat has the loose end of a sweater attached to it (creating a tangle on the dance floor), the grim dentist's chair scene and the Albert Hall Assassination attempt. Add to these fascinating moments the work of sweaty/sinister Peter Lorre as the chief antagonist and you have a fine little suspense film.