Director: Tony Montana and Mark Brian Smith
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 1.5

Raging braggart Troy Duffy fashions himself a modern Renaissance Man when Harvey Weinstein buys his script for The Boondock Saints, purchases the bar he works at so the two of them could co-own it (!) and gives him a large budget for a newbie director, but the ignoramus pisses it all away because of a lack of professionalism and decorum. This is a 'revenge film' if ever I saw one, where the documentarians - who were involved with Duffy the whole time - use their scraped-together footage to show how much they hate him and how he brought about his own ruin, surely the least noble purpose to make a 'documentary' since Huck Botko hired some porn stars ejaculate in his parents' food (mercifully, Botko turned out to be a big ol' jokester after all). Although most valuable as a cautionary tale, having to watch some unworthy bum hit the cinematic jackpot and throw it away isn't exactly prime viewing: there isn't a single likeable thing about him or his low-class entourage, and a film based on loathing the subject is hard to recommend. The best part: Seeing B.U. eccentric Ray Carney grinning while Duffy berates the few budding filmmakers who showed up to screen his movie.