Vernon, Florida

Director: Errol Morris
Year Released: 1981
Rating: 1.0

Morris goes to Florida, also referred known as God's Waiting Room, to film various kooks in a Herzogian bid to find 'truth' in 'eccentricity' (albeit forgetting that Herzog genuinely loves the oddballs he records). Check out the Vernon police officer and his apathy (he almost got shot and he's not even rattled)! Look at the old man and his giant opossum! Isn't the dude who has an obsession with shooting turkeys a real gas, namely when he interrupts his own talking to listen for gobbling? Hey, everybody, this other guy's talking about different planets where the various races can live without being near each other! Wasn't that same dude just talking about mirages? Ha, ha! Who knew so many strange folks lived in Florida?