Director: Andy Tennant
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 2.0

Well-to-do N.Y.C. dweebs and fat-bodies turn to smooth operator Will Smith for advice on how to net the ladies of their dreams - it's all aboveboard, too, since Smith is a new-world player, sensitive to feelings and emotions and telling his clients to listen and care (none of that in/out and then out-the-door jazz). Well-intentioned film runs quite a distance on charm alone - er, the charm of Will Smith alone - before the initial glow wears off and it looks more and more like a 2-hr. sitcom (I can see it: each new week "Hitch" has to set up a new man with his potential other ... Season 1 on DVD right now!). There's also a tad too much physical humor for its own good (the dialogue kicks out when it runs out of lines to quote from popular periodicals and romance column statistics), and it's a smidge improbable that these average guys could wind up with svelte socialites, but if Kevin James can get Leah Remini on another sitcom, anything is possible.