Director: David Gordon Green
Year Released: 2004
Rating: 1.0

Redneck cinematic 'poetry' about two brothers and their father who live in solitude and shovel slop, hammer nails in the roof, sleep in dirty clothes and mourn the loss of their matron - when Josh Davis arrives wearing a pink shirt and driving a Trans-Am, it's clear he's the bad-guy and there's trouble a-comin'. The remainder of the picture is a sluggish cat-and-mouse chase through garbage dumps and hippie communes - neither of the two boys are especially fleshed out (the younger of the two exists to eat slime, get sick and make the older brother have to care for him), and I actually missed Green's preciously quirky dialogue when things became quiet. Naturally, Davis has some kind of Backwoods Radar in his the dash of his car (borrowed from the Cold Mountain people, I imagine) that allows him to find the boys at every turn and confront them all disheveled and in ill-humor. Walk, Southern kids, walk!