French Kiss

Director: Lawrence Kasdan
Year Released: 1995
Rating: 2.0

Romantic piffle about a jilted American/Canadian (Meg Ryan) who chases after her ex-boyfriend (Timothy Hutton) with the help of a saucy thief (Kevin Kline) - an alternative title could have been When Frenchy Met Sally. Kline's character veers dangerously close to offensive caricature, but he's such an amazing actor he makes his wine-loving, cigarette-smoking, sexually liberated Frenchman an appealing rogue - Ryan, however, is such a bland, pretty figurine that the street merchants could sell replicas of her next to those miniature Eiffel Towers. How Kasdan could go from the slutty (Body Heat) to the sterile in about a decade is beyond me, but so goes Hollywood....