Peking Opera Blues

Director: Tsui Hark
Year Released: 1986
Rating: 2.0

Another cult favorite (Tarantino's a fan) ... another questionable response by me. The jump cuts and non-stop everything get interrupted every so often for "poignant sentimental moments" much to my own amusement and groaning since there is no genuine dramatic foundation to build from. Another peeve: what is going on? What's the plot about? I had similar trouble with Zu, but all was forgiven when I discovered the plot didn't matter (it involved saving the planet with twin swords - that's all you need to know). Here, much more weight placed on characterizations and a narrative - whoops - and when I still can't tell you what happened after the credits scroll by, I know I've wasted two hours. Like everything director Tsui Hark makes, it's swell to look at, and the colors are vibrant and action sequences creative (love those kabuki shows!). Perhaps you'll enjoy it more if you don't think (I did). Non-Hark-related whining: Media Asia Group or whatever outfit released this needs serious grammar lessons, as the subtitles are second-grade level awful (not in there, but dialogue translates to something like: "We goes there now.").