Allegro Non Troppo

Director: Bruno Bozzetto
Year Released: 1977
Rating: 3.0

A big middle finger to Disney's Fantasia that it both spoofs and (quietly) adores - the austerity of Walt's orchestra is changed so that the musicians are old women, the conductor is a cigar-chomping egomaniac and the animator can't make that perfect sketch (he's too distracted by the conductor ... and a pretty young girl). While the live-action section is corny and takes up half the running time, the animated sections are suitably trippy and tragic, like the Biblical snake who eats the Forbidden Apple and is trapped in a box with TV monitors showing exposed breasts or the kitty cat who wanders through a house demolished by war. Feels rough and a bit slapped together (although it no doubt took years to assemble), but that's a part of its appeal.