Anatomy of Hell

Director: Catherine Breillat
Year Released: 2004
Rating: 0.5

Breillat gets it into her head that men despise women because of their body hair, menstrual cycles and cavernous vaginas - which may be true for some dudes - but seems to ignore the real problems, namely their aggressive nagging, need for constant attention and violent mood swings (not to mention the propensity to make films like this). Italian porn juggernaut Rocco Siffredi (here, cast as a 'homosexual') is paid to watch Amira Casar sleep naked and listen to her dissertations on sexual politics (straight from Breillat's novel!) - there are other choice bits like the two of them sharing a cup of Lipton's Bloody Tampon Tea and Rocco finding new uses for gardening tools (the punch line is great, too, as Casar 'wakes up' in bed and finds a trident shoved in her cooch - she's one sound sleeper, let me tell you). It's as painful to watch as Rocco's True Anal Stories 11 was for its female participants to make.