Hotel Rwanda

Director: Terry George
Year Released: 2004
Rating: 2.0

When civil war erupts between two (quite similar) factions in Rwanda, a hotel manager (Don Cheadle) tries to protect as many people as possible, housing them and getting them supplies. This is one of those liberal guilt movies, baiting its art-house audience of older Americans with copious images of distraught, hysterical women (Cheadle's wife cries more than six different times), screaming infants and countless corpses - despite the driving performance by Cheadle (and consideration for Nick Nolte's sympathetic Canadian soldier), however, all it amounts to is a two-hour UNICEF ad (frankly, I'm surprised I wasn't accosted walking out the theater and asked to make a donation). At the time this film was released another act of genocide was taking place in Uganda, and little was done about that either, which does reinforce the movie's point that 'white' nations could care less about any of this (or, rather, look upon the turmoil in Africa with a resigned shrug of the shoulders).