Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Director: Danny Leiner
Year Released: 2004
Rating: 1.5

Two stoners go on road trip to score weed, satisfy their munchies, hide their homosexual impulses and exercise the audience's tolerance for scatological humor by showing two pretty college girls play Battleship with their diarrhea. I don't have a problem with drugs or people who use them - too many friends are in this bracket, I'm afraid - but the absolute glorification of the drug lifestyle is too repulsive to find amusing and the effort to try to be 'cool' and 'popular' panders to the teen audience that will rent it (even though it's R-rated) even though this type of drugs-are-liberating message has been around for a long time (even in films the same audience wouldn't sit through, like I Love You, Alice B. Toklas). Making things worse is the fact that neither Kal Penn nor John Cho have good comedic timing, so the few good jokes belong to supporting players like Anthony Anderson, Bobby Lee and (yes) Neil Patrick Harris, whose appearance as 'himself' is simply ingenious.