Full Frontal

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 0.5

Yet another movie about Hollywood that's filmed in English and made with American actors but indecipherable to anyone not in the crew - a collage of morons whose vapid lives intertwine in the least imaginative ways. In an obvious effort to return to his Schizopolis days when he was trying hard to appear edgy, Soderbergh shot this with digital cameras (the images produced by the Canon XL-1 weren't grainy enough so he tinkered with them even more in post-production ... a move lifted straight from Von Trier) and elaborate production rules (his own 'Dogma 95' states that Julia Roberts had to put on her own make-up! Horrors!). Not a single character could pass for an actual human being, and most gags are crushingly awful (with the exception of Jeff Garland as Diet Coke freak Harvey Weinstein) - it reinforces the preexisting view that Los Angeles is really its own planet (which may be true) and worthy of constant attention (which is significantly less true).