Out of the Blue

Director: Dennis Hopper
Year Released: 1980
Rating: 3.0

Grim and tawdry but pleasantly off-beat film about a teenage girl's (a very compelling Linda Manz) life without her alcoholic father (Hopper) ... and what happens when that father returns home after a stint in prison. Like Easy Rider and The Last Movie, the structure is very loose and Hopper isn't afraid to get creative - what was initially bound to be an after-school special type film got re-hauled - and work out his own personal issues on camera (anyone that's seen The American Dreamer knows about his drug abuse). The ending, however, just takes it all too far by resorting to hysteria. [Note: Primal Scream fans will recognize some of Manz's dialogue was sampled for "Kill All Hippies" on the XTRMNTR album.]