Director: Bob Rafelson
Year Released: 1968
Rating: 1.5

Rafelson and Jack Nicholson leap into their own subconscious for this free-verse psychedelic wonderland - it was made during the Vietnam era, so there are plenty of war references but little insightful commentary. The Monkees play along with the pointless charade of celebrity cameos and 'experimental' tinted images - hell, the Monkees were technically a pointless charade themselves - but there isn't much of an effort to go anywhere with the material - it folds in on itself - and the infrequent stabs at humor (Timothy Carey's presence) are superficial. I think it's a prerequisite for the viewer to be under the influence of something while sitting through the movie, and aside from hot peach tea and a few stale fortune cookies, my body was free from the type of chemical pollution that may have turned this into a fantastic voyage instead of a dead zone.