Coffee and Cigarettes

Director: Jim Jarmusch
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 1.0

Hipster celebrities and underground figures huddle around coffee tables to absorb the addictive products in the title and (ungracefully) attempt to improvise with Jarmusch's droll set-ups - the result are several short films in need of a purpose other than wasting time. You could probably call the whole project existential (as former Friend-of-Warhol Taylor Mead does), but that's just a nice way of saying a lot of the shorts are dull and on par with most naval-picking student films. It also has this almost smug 'insider-ish' feel, especially in the pieces with Bill Murray/RZA/GZA, Wright/Benigni, Coogan/Molina and Blanchett/Blanchett (although Cate playing two roles - literally her photogenic and non-photogenic sides - is easily the most fascinating).