A Good Marriage

Director: √Čric Rohmer
Year Released: 1982
Rating: 2.0

An antiques buyer/worker and sometimes art student (Béatrice Romand) decides impulsively that it's time for her to get married (and stop sleeping with married men), so she enlists the help of her painter-friend to set her up with an ultra-busy lawyer who doesn't want anything do with her but has trouble saying so. For the remainder of the picture, Rohmer has Romand's character whine and fret over the lawyer's lack of fascination with her - not only does she has a profound lack of self-awareness, but her views on marriage (and relationships) are outdated in that she expects her spouse to support her in every way and dote on her every need. Romand played a similar character in Rohmer's Autumn Tale, but because she's much older in that film she appears significantly more grounded and realistic in expectations.