Director: Patty Jenkins
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 1.0

After a truly abominable childhood, Aileen Wuornos turns to prostitution to survive - she gets into problems when she tries to support immature lover Christina Ricci and makes the transition from killing people who deserve it (rapists, men who 'talk dirty') to those that don't (the one man has a family! and a wife ... in a wheelchair!), which is when the state finally intervenes. Charlize Theron - who I had to look at an old photo of to remind me what she actually looks like - does a complete transformation to 'become' Mrs. Jekyll, but the film is consistently grim and man-hating; the ending breaks down into tears and fades to avoid delving into the courtroom battle. Like Boys Don't Cry, its sensationalist portrait of tragedy is only intended to irritate and inflame the audience.